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OUR package

"Once a website is done, and accessible online, the next step is to keep it fresh and up-to-day, this is where our web maintenance plan comes in, to help you sustain your website in perfect shape while keeping your cost to a minimum"

"A well-maintained website means up to date code. Your CMS engine needs tuning and topping up with oil and water. Your car needs regular servicing. You probably didn’t think your website did – until very recently. That’s where I come in"


Having a managed site allows you to concentrate on different aspects of your business while we look after all the technical stuff to do with your site.

Websites running old software eventually become obsolete, get hacked or white screen because they are now completely incompatible with your Content Management Software. Don’t worry,  it’s completely normal. So a website maintenance plan will ensure you have a fully functioning website 100% of the time. We look under the bonnet to make sure that minor issues don’t turn into expensive problems.

Use our 100% Aussie Webmaster Maintenance Service and worry less.

  • When was the last time you updated your CMS? If the answer is “never,” or “What’s a CMS?” you need a website maintenance plan.
  • Your Content Management Software alone needs updating as much as twice a month. And if you are using old themes or no-longer supported extensions, it’s only a matter of time before your site breaks.
  • Did you know that plug-ins or extensions no longer supported by the author are back-door entry points for hackers?
  • Most updates are security patches, but not updating always leads to certain disaster and if your site breaks, you’ll need a new one. That’s how we get about 25% of our work.

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This plan includes 1 hour of website maintenance per month

per Month

for 1 - 5 page website

3pp SEO

N/A slider image changes

1 text tweak (weekly)

N/A graphic tweaks

2 x Photo SEO


This plan includes 10 hour of website maintenance per month

per Month

for 1 - 15 page website

3pp SEO

3 slider image changes

2 text tweak (weekly)

1 x graphic tweaks

5 x Photo SEO


This plan includes 10 hour of website maintenance per month


per Month

for 15 - 30 page website

6pp SEO tweaks

5 slider image changes

3 text tweak (weekly)

3 x graphic tweaks

10 x Photo SEO


This plan includes 10 hour of website maintenance per month

per Month


Product SEO tweaks

6 slider image changes

many text tweaks

5 x graphic tweaks

20 x Photo SEO

What We Actually Do For You

Besides keeping your main CMS software up to date, we also do a lot of other things;

During set-up

  • Fix issues that your site might be experiencing (due to not being managed)
  • Obscuring login pages to prevent hacker attacks (usually done immediately)
  • Clean your site if bugs are found (the #1 reason why non-maintained sites “break”)
  • Checking your site health and removing blacklistings by Google etc.)
  • Add code which tells Google to re-index your site every time you update (great SEO).
  • Add your site to our Google Webmaster account to monitor inconsistencies / SEO issues
  • Remove non-working links (Google stops crawling when it discovers dead links)
  • Form tweaks and security measures (to prevent spammers & hackers)
  • Custom PHP functions updated (e.g. events / calendar / Google maps mods / libraries)
  • Communicate with your server (if you are not hosted with us).
  • Walk you through any aspect of your site over the phone.

Monthly Check-ins (sometimes more often)

  • Regular 3rd party software updates (plugins, extensions, PHP mods and tweaks).
  • Checking your site code against anti-hacker databases for inconsistencies or bugs.
  • Clean your site if bugs are found (the #1 reason why sites “break”)
  • Minimizing the size of your database (speeds up your site for good SEO).
  • Minimizing the size of your html, js and css files (speeds up your site for SEO).
  • Respond and fix issues discovered by Google (including some SEO)
  • Black Hat SEO checking (client misadventure or poor “SEO tweaking”)
  • Remove non-working links (Google stops crawling when it discovers dead links)
  • Denial of Service attacks (DoS attacks)
  • Site access issues or site lock-outs (including creating new logins)
  • Monthly site clean & anti-virus protection
  • Answer all email queries or phone calls (9am-5pm weekdays Perth time)
  • Fix navigation / menu issues when new pages / posts / images are added.
  • Resolve crashes, mis-behaving files, fend off suspicious activity of any kind.
  • Communicate with your server (if you are self-hosted).
  • Walk you through any aspect of your site over the phone.

Ever had a web site crash?

It’s not nice when things break. Especially expensive things that are generating your income.


Just like with a car, keeping on top of small issues as they arise is the way to a healthy web presence. It can take days (sometimes weeks) to resurrect a corrupted, old or faulty website, so our yearly plans are great value for money.


You probably know what it’s like to run a website, but you don’t know what website maintenance means. Crashes are mostly the result of outdated software or poor on-site security. Your site “broke” because it wasn’t being maintained properly or the person who was looking after the site wasn’t using best practice security. Your CMS, a plugin or theme went too far out of date. It’s completely normal and it’s actually how we get most of our clients.


Peace of mind website security


A poorly serviced website can be a nightmare to resurrect and good web developers aren’t cheap.


Come over to Geoffrey and never have to worry about your website again. In fact, we’ll even add stuff to your website, tweak a blog post for best chance SEO or add a relevant images if you forget. Yes. For free. Well, if it takes less than 15 minutes we will.


Did Google De-list You?


In the past, some of our clients have managed to get their websites banned by Google. All we see is a red flag in Google Webmaster alerting us to the problem. Keyword stuffing (inserting high-ranking keywords into your page content or writing the same term over and over) is considered a form of spam by Google and should be avoided. Not many modern SEO companies seem to be aware of this. With over 1 billion websites and counting Google’s terms and conditions are getting stricter and stricter.

Read more about how you can be added to Google’s Naughty list;

If you do get added to Google’s ban list, fixing the mistakes may not be enough to get your domain re-listed. Poor quality sites are less trusted by Google and if you don’t pull your socks up and provide evidence that you are now on your best behaviour, Google will penalise you.


In short, if you’ve been bad, we can find that out for you and rebuild your reputation. Our yearly maintenance fee is all you will pay. All you should have to worry about is keeping your site content up to date (not doing so is the biggest website sin).


Yeah, but I left it too late. My site is a mess. It’s gonna cost a bomb!


Possibly not. Sure, some websites really are beyond redemption. They require more work to resurrect from the ashes than to start over completely. We’ll let you know if this is the case before we start work. No obligation.


If you do have to start again, we can help. Where you are is where many of our clients come from.


We are familiar with most Content Management Systems including WordPress, Drupal, Magento and Joomla.


NB: Joomla v1.5 and under sites are probably stuffed, but if we can salvage the content, at least that’s something. Content is king!


Managed WordPress Hosting?

Yes. We do that


WordPress runs between 25% and 30% of all sites on the net.


Several website hosting providers now offer specialist WordPress hosting. Managed WordPress hosting is where all technical aspects of running a WordPress website are managed by us. In our case, that’s usually Edwin. Security, back-ups, site speed, updates and site tweaks and scalability is covered (see the list of blue ticks above). Our idea is to offer a seamless online experience, while you focus on your business.


In the case of  WDAEP LLC, the site maintenance fee above is all you pay. And you can call us anytime about anything.


Technical Webmastery Stuff

We know technical webmastery stuff inside out.


We write and know CSS and HTML inside out and insist on using approved, premium or supported third-party software alongside best practice, Google-friendly SEO techniques. We don’t touch or modify core CMS files (most programmers do) and we are happy to advise about any content you upload to your site that may conflict with Google’s mercurial SEO policy.


If you feel some of this doesn’t make sense or you need further clarification, please email


If you suspect your site does need some kind of maintenance (i.e. you are having trouble with the running of it and aren’t 100% sure how to keep it up to date) fill in the form below and we will be in touch. Allow 48hrs for us to get back to you.




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